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Straws are often used in daily life. Traditional plastic straws have been included in the ban on plastics. The purpose is to reduce plastic pollution. The current paper straws degradable straws have become the latest products, and the editor wants to Introduced is a new and personalized environmentally friendly silicone straw, a multifunctional silicone straw.


Most of the material of plastic straws is made of plastic, because the cost of plastic material is low. Exposure to high temperature will produce toxic substances. Long-term use will cause harm to the human liver and nervous system. Plastic materials cannot be recycled and cannot be degraded. Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems in the world. It is often used in disposable daily necessities. With the implementation of the ban on plastics, most businesses have switched to paper straws, but the taste deteriorates after use, and the characteristics of softness when inhaled and disperse after inhalation make paper straws have been complained by many netizens, and they can be used happily. ? The silicone straws are made of food-grade silica gel, which is non-toxic, harmless, and recyclable. It has gradually appeared on the market. Why are silicone straws so popular?

Here is a brief introduction to the silicone straws

Advantage 1: The silicone straw can be recycled, and it is durable and wear-resistant and can be used multiple times without causing waste of resources.

Advantage 2: Silicone straws are safe and environmentally friendly. The advantages of silicone material food-grade silica gel, non-toxic and odorless, are fully utilized. Silicone is resistant to high temperature and low temperature. Boiling it in boiling water will not damage the silicone straws or produce harmful substances.

Advantage 3: Silicone straws are wear-resistant, durable, long service life, soft and tough, foldable, stretchable, and not deformed. For those who like to bite straws, the advantage is that they will not leave tooth marks, tooth marks, and will not affect their beauty.

Multifunctional silicone straws can be freely cut to suit your own length according to your needs.

Food-grade silicone, does not contain harmful substances such as bisphenol A, BPA, bacteria is not easy to breed, is pure and durable, does not hurt the mouth, has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, environmental resistance, silicone material is easy to clean, free extension tube brush , It is convenient to clean the inner wall of various straws, so you can feel at ease and more assured.