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Why are silicone anti-slip mats so popular? With the increase of people's attention to silicone products, the silicone products industry conforms to the development of the times and has produced a variety of silicone products. Among them, silicone anti-skid pads are popular among the public. Silicone anti-slip mat is a kind of silicone product in silicone products, and its main function is to prevent slippage. Of course, silicone products have always been adhering to the concept of one thing with multiple uses. Silicone anti-skid pads are not only anti-skid, but also shock-absorbing and wear-resistant. There are many places where anti-skid is needed. Is the silicone non-slip mat easy to use? What is the scope of use of silicone anti-slip mats? Why are silicone anti-slip mats so popular with the public?

Why are silicone anti-slip mats so popular?

  1. Office: The pace of life of white-collar workers is quite fast now. Daily-use water cups and glasses on the table will be accidentally knocked over and damaged. The use of silicone anti-skid pads can effectively avoid this problem, at least Reduce the frequency of this problem.


    2. Household daily use: Silicone anti-slip mats are frequently used in a family. Silicone table mats and placemats have an anti-slip effect. Compared with the previous bamboo mats, they are more anti-slip. Nowadays, many tables are made of glass and need a silicone non-slip mat to reflect its value!

    3. KTV, bars and other entertainment places: We all know that this kind of place is a public place as well as an entertainment place. There are all kinds of people, and there are more smokers. The ashtray used in this place is still made of glass. Most of them (silicone ashtray is recommended), and the table is generally made of glass. The friction between glass and glass will not have any anti-slip effect. At this time, if you put a silicone anti-skid pad, it will have a good effect. 

4. Bathroom: Have you ever fallen in the bathroom? Needless to say, there must be. Even the NBA news has mentioned that a player was injured after falling in the bathroom, and if a silicone anti-skid pad is placed in the bathroom, there will be no falling.

The silicone anti-skid pad is made of silicone material. The softness of the silicone material is very good, the elasticity is good, the ability to resist acid and alkali is relatively strong, and the overall abrasion resistance is relatively good. Of course, the price of silicone material is relatively low compared to other materials, so many people choose silicone mats. However, the silicone material may have a peculiar smell. It needs to be washed after purchase and dried in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

Why are silicone anti-slip mats so popular? The above is the relevant content of the silicone anti-slip mat summarized by Shenzhen Silicon Health and Silicone for everyone. This is just an explanation of some of the places where it is used. Silicone anti-slip mats are also used in other places and can be used in many places.