How to distinguish the quality of silica gel products

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First of all, check whether the materials of silica gel products are qualified and authentic. In order to save costs, some or some manufacturers use other similar silica gel materials as silica gel materials. They all have the same hardness, feel and elasticity as the silica gel materials, so it is difficult to judge the authenticity directly. These materials are relatively low cost, short life, anti-aging and other related properties are very different from silicone materials.

So we can not be very intuitive to observe, how to identify the quality of silica gel products?

1、 For this kind of products, the method of open fire baking can be adopted. The normal silica gel products will not produce a lot of smoke after being roasted, only a small amount of white smoke will be produced, and a little white powder will be left after burning. These white powder is silicon dioxide. If it is other environmental protection materials, it will produce a lot of black smoke and sticky substances.

2、 A large part of the excellent products are synthesized by mold design. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the edge of the product is cracked. Once the silicone product is cracked, the whole product will be


Silica gel products have good elasticity, because the high elasticity mainly comes from the movement of silica gel molecular chain segments, so when purchasing silica gel products, first look at the elasticity of silica gel products to judge the quality

Fatigue resistance

Hardness and elongation stress

Hardness and constant elongation stress reflect the important indexes of rubber material rigidity (stiffness), and they are the forces required for certain deformation of silicone products. It is also a way to identify the quality of silicone products

Wear resistance

Wear resistance is the ability of the surface of silica gel products to suffer from wear and tear. The surface of a good silica gel product seldom rubs off the surface of the product due to external factors, which does not affect the appearance, text and color of the performance. The surface characters of inferior silica gel products are easy to drop.

When silica gel products are subjected to alternating stress (or strain), the structure and properties of materials change, which is called fatigue. With the process of fatigue, the phenomenon of silica gel products damage is called fatigue failure. Therefore, fatigue resistance is also a way to identify the quality of silicone products