How to stipulate the hardness of silica gel products? How to choose?

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The commonly used hardness range of silica gel products is between 10 ° and 70 °. When the hardness of silica gel is lower than 10 ℃, the tear strength of silica gel is low and the elongation is large, and the silica gel products are easy to deform; when the hardness is higher than 40 ℃, the tear strength becomes worse, and the silica gel products will become brittle and easy to break or break. Generally, when the hardness of silica gel is 20-40, tear strength and elongation are the best conditions. In addition, the lower the viscosity (the better the fluidity) is, the more favorable it is for vacuuming and exhausting bubbles, but at the same time, the tear strength will be worse, and the number of times of re molding will be reduced.

What is the minimum hardness that can be achieved? In the hardness of silicone rubber, silica gel less than 15 degrees is called soft rubber with low hardness. This kind of silica gel is generally soft and easy to demould. Generally, the minimum hardness of molded silica gel can reach 0 degree, and the minimum hardness of condensed silica gel is 3 degrees left and right.


Silicone materials can not be missing, this is the tearing strength, silicone rubber materials will be due to stress and other factors, this is one of the inevitable phenomena of all rubber materials, and cracks and cracks stress cracking caused by the destruction of a small number, because the silicone rubber with normal hardness basically will not have tearing fracture phenomenon, the material with higher hardness is likely to be caused by the crack Diffusion causes tearing!

Therefore, to sum up, the selection of silica gel hardness is based on the specific application scenarios of the product, and can not be generalized. Silicon health partnership - the first step of healthy life, we have been advocating the concept of healthy life, and have been committed to the development, design and production of silica gel products.