The most popular silicone products in 2020

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In our daily life, the use of silicone products is more and more widely, more and more popular. There are many characteristics of silicone products, easy to use, and non-toxic, tasteless, soft material. It's very safe to use.

In the coming year of 2020, there will be a lot of popular silica gel products. The following is a summary of the following:

1. New Amazon hot silicone dishwashing gloves dishwashing brush silicone magic gloves kitchen household gloves

Custom parameters of silicone dishwasher gloves

Product Name: silicone dishwashing gloves, silicone cleaning gloves

Material: food grade silica gel

Size: 35 * 15cm

Net weight: 240g

Color: yellow, pink, pink, can be customized color

Features: soft bristles, big elasticity, never deformation. Food grade platinum silica gel, safe and tasteless. There is no need for cleaning tools such as dishcloth, steel ball and so on. It is easy to remove the dirt on concave convex surface with thousands of tiny bristles. Brush design on one side can replace cleaning tools such as dishcloth and steel ball for cleaning; on the other side, it can be used for washing clothes or taking smooth and fragile dishes.


2. Sports portable silicone folding cup

Customized parameters of silicone folding sports cup

Name: silicone folding sports kettle

Material: food grade silica gel + PP

Size: unfolding 70 * 250mm, folding 70 * 150 mm

Color: blue, orange, black, large quantity can be customized color

Net weight: 210g


3. Automobile air outlet bracket, vehicle air outlet bracket, mobile phone bracket - Shenzhen automobile air outlet sub manufacturer

Color: cyan, green, pink, white, black

Specification: 3.8 * 7.8cm

Features: 3M adhesive strong adsorption, stable paste, unlimited scene

Scope of application: all mobile phone models applicable to the market

Features: the mobile phone bracket is made of silica gel, which has no abnormal sound, more stable, gravity linkage and compact and exquisite, and has super strong adsorption force. It can adapt to all kinds of situations, such as speed bumps, bumpy roads or sudden braking. It is safe and does not fall off. It is small in size and does not block the sight line or air outlet. It shows the interior style of the car. It is universal for all mobile phone models. The mobile phone can be used by sticking the bracket into the air outlet of the car, which can be firmly fixed. Car and life use. It can be firmly fixed by putting it into the air outlet of the car. After getting off the car, it can be removed and used as a mobile phone bracket for daily TV watching. Xiaobian also recommends that you use Rongjin mobile phone bracket, which is high quality, high appearance, beautiful and does not affect the feel, convenient and easy to operate.

4. Water filled silicone hot water bag

Customization parameters of silicone hot water bag

Product Name: silica gel hot water bag, silica gel warm water bag, silica gel warm hand treasure

Material: silica gel + pa

Size: 13 * 12 * 3.3cm

Capacity: 510ml

Color: red, pink, light blue, can be customized color