Silica gel burr processing which effect and quality is good

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In the processing of silicone products, often let people worry about is to go to the burr. In order to make the product appear better, the excess burr must be trimmed clean. However, due to the raw materials and processing technology of silica gel, it is difficult to remove the burr of the silicone product just finished, or it can not achieve a good effect, resulting in product cracking and other defects.

The following is a summary of the reasons why it is difficult to remove the burr of silicone products and the good methods to remove the burrs:

1. The temperature reached during vulcanization is too high or too long.

Do not allow too high temperature and too long curing time in the vulcanization process of silica gel products. Once the temperature is too high or the curing time is too long during the molding of silica gel products, it will lead to numbness or embrittlement after molding of silica gel products. Whether numbness or brittleness, it will have a great impact on edge removal.

2. The temperature is too low or the time is too short.

Silica gel products in the curing process, too low temperature or too short time in the process of vulcanization will lead to silica gel products becoming brittle. Silica gel products are flexible when not fully vulcanized, so it is not easy to separate the products from the rough edges when removing the burrs.

3. The self disassembly design of the die is unreasonable or the manufacturing quality is not up to standard or the wear time of the die is too long.

When designing the mold, the mold parting is unreasonable, and the opening is not sharp when manufacturing the mold, which will lead to the difficulty of removing the burr after the silicone product is formed. In addition, the wear and tear of the mold in the production process or too many sandblasting times will also lead to rough self disassembly mouth, which will also affect the self disassembly performance of silicone products after molding.

4. The thickness of silicone products is too thick in molding

In the case of product forming to ensure the size and qualification, it is best to do as thin as possible.

5. The quality of silica gel is also a big factor

The tear strength and toughness of silica gel with poor quality are insufficient, which leads to direct cracking after molding.

To sum up, there are three methods to remove the burr of Rongjin silicone products: manual removal of silica gel burrs, freezing removal of silica gel burrs, and mechanical trimming of silica gel burrs.

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